About me

At Tamzen Lundy Designs you will find unique, quirky and fun gifts. All these are made from wool using the wet felted technique. This is the oldest form of textile making in the world.

The process uses 100% wool, soap and water plus rubbing, rolling and a little magic! The resulting textile is strong and long lasting, durable and soft but also tough…

Wool is strong, it lasts a long time, should be treasured and admired but will also biodegrade completely.

Tamzen is a textile professional of 20+ years’ experience, having worked on all sides of retail, design and manufacturing in the fast fashion world. Over the years Tamzen learnt that this was not a sustainable model, neither good for people or the planet.

During the Covid Pandemic of 2020, she turned her back on these fast processes to return to her first love, textiles.

Her products are made in a sustainable way, that is fair to the maker, the artisan and the customer. The processes may be slow but therein lies the value. Tamzen’s products are made with love in small batches, there are many unique pieces in the range. Embracing a slower pace and appreciating the value of difference, Tamzen creates gifts that will make you smile.

Tamzen works from her kitchen/studio in Maynooth Co. Kildare, surrounded by fibre, up to her elbows in soap lather, dancing to the radio, chatting with the kids and hooshing the cat off the table!

She is also available as a Tutor with experience of all ages primary level- in schools as part of arts council funded “artist in school”. She teaches workshops ( Children and Adults) and one to one lessons.

Bear hugs